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Apps I can no longer find.

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I will download an app, and then I realize it uses too much space, so I delete it, but I want it back. I can no longer find it at the app store where it was before, and I have gone in and deleted all the apps I have used in the past. Is there any way to find these apps that no longer can be found?

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Yes, it's possible to check all the applications you've installed and then deleted. To do this, simply visit the Play Store page and click on My Play activity menu on the right. You need to be logged on for the menu to appear. Once clicked, all the installed apps will be listed. You can also keep track of which apps disappeared or got updated because they're all there. Another condition for the apps to appear on the list is to enable SYNC on your phone for Apps. You can do this from the Backup menu in Settings.

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