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Because I used a TomTom Europe 22 in our cars, I did not use the Softkey, but
today I found the Softkey ISBN 90 5432 117 2 version 1.1 on my map. When we visited Nuttert, near OOTMARSUM, we got on a small byway with an even smaller bridge. TomTon gave us that route but on the PC TomTom did not work, so I would find out by Softkey. Is there a link to active Softkey, or have I kept it for too long aside? I hope you give me an advice on how to activate it, or is it for the ashtray?

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Unfortunately, Softkey doesn't appear to be available anymore which means it's good as you said "for the ashtray". I have tried finding the product, but no information was available in this case. You will either need to find something else or acquire a new version of TomTom from the official website.

TomTom's official website:

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