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People's movements become "wavy".

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I use Vegas 4.0 to create my programs and DVD Architect 1.0 to create a DVD of the show. Recently when I make my DVD using the DVD Architect, when people move on the DVD, their movements are "wavy". If they walk, there's sort of a "waviness" about their movements. I watched my raw footage directly from my DV deck on a monitor and the footage looks fine. The problem occurs only after I have made a DVD. Are there any solutions to this?

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This issue that you describe can have multiple reasons. Play your DVD on another machine (PC or DVD player) to find out if the problem is caused by your computer's hardware, or not. If the footage is playing fine on other machine, there is nothing that you can do. If this isn't your case, you can change the speed that you choose to create the DVD. What's more, you can lower the quality of your video to see if the problem still persists. If it does, your video might haven't been recorded properly, or you need to adjust some settings on the capture utility.

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