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What is the best duplicate song remover for Winamp?

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I would like to find a really good song duplicate remover for Winamp, since their remover doesn't appear to be working properly. I want something easy & fast, and preferably free; not one of these things that only removes 10 files & then makes you pay 100 bucks for the full package. I've been all over looking for such a program and I don't need another scam.

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Audio Comparer can help you. It can detect duplicates by their actual sound.

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Duplicate File Finder will find and delete duplicate files so you won't experience lack of free disk space! Obviously you can find your duplicate file from your PC. For this just need to download “Duplicate Files Deleter” . It may be able to find this file from your hard drive.

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Instead of trying to delete files from Winamp, which can be really hard especially if you don't have a good plugin, I recommend on using a neat trick. Download Yet Another Duplicate File Remover and load the music and playlists in Winamp. Then use the application to manually search for duplicates. Keep Winamp open and when the process is finished, go to Preferences in Winamp and select Missing Files and enable the option. All the duplicates that the application removed will be visible as missing which then you can use Rem > Remove missing files from playlist and you'll have a clean playlist with all your music.

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I would suggest you use DuplicateFilesDeleter program, Its simple & effective tool that ensures 100% accuracy to delete duplicate images, music files or any other files. The program is multi-threaded and performs scans quickly & compares based on Byte for Byte Comparison. Check this out!!!

Omeljan Sabrina

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