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Android account verification failed.

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I just installed the Norton family parent control on my son's Android. They sent me a verification email in which gave me a link to finish setting up my account. So I can actually set up what I want him to access. But every time I click on the link it sends me to a page that says: "Something went wrong. Please try again". I try again and get the same results. I am trying to access through my PC at home. And already installed the PC version. And, every time I go to the website to login it just logs me into the PC account. I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. Can someone please help me?

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It appears the link has expired or you've used a browser that was wrong configured. Luckily for you, this process can be used over and over again until you succeed with the activation. I recommend you remove the application and delete the email you received. After this process, simply reinstall the application, but this time use a desktop browser and make sure to click the correct link and it work. Typically, it should work from the phone's browser, but sometimes error might appear.

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