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I'm using RadiantWorks Pro to do a design for a renovation and installation of radiant floor heat in our house. I'm in the room interface and I'm trying to address the ceiling data. Our project is two stories, so the ceilings of the rooms on the first floor don't actually have outside, unheated space exposure, but they obviously will be the subject to some heat loss between floors. How do I address this? I thought there would be an option/pull-down to deal with this situation, but I don't see this possibility.

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Once you are in the rooms from the first floor, click the Calculate Heat Loss button below Heat Loss:

enter image description here

Click the Ceilings tab next to Walls and from the Exposed Ceilings drop-down list click an Insulated Ceiling that meets your requirements:

enter image description here

After that, type the length and the width and enter the thermal resistance for the material that compounds the ceiling. You can find a list with these R values, if you use Google search engine.

Alternatively, while you're working with the rooms from the second floor, select a standard floor covering from the first drop-down menu or custom the materials and layers that compound the floor using the Custom Floor Coverings option:

enter image description here

In this way, the program will automatically use these settings to configure the ceilings from the first floor. I suggest you try this method because you can add the R value for each material, while by the first method you need to calculate an average thermal resistance value manually, by yourself. Contact the support team for further information.

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