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Dell Inspiron laptop integrated webcam gives a greenish display.

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I have a Dell Inspiron Laptop. My integrated cam is not working well now. It always shows a greenish display while using it in Skype. In all other applications it worked well before. The problem stared a few days ago. Please help me to solve that problem as soon as possible.

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Try to remove the driver and perform a driver update. You can take the manual way through Device Manager. If you still have problems, start the application which controls the camera and set all the settings to default. Most likely this is a configuration error which needs to be set to default.

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I am Shuchi from the Dell Social Media outreach team.

You can install the software from the webcam central CD shipped along with the system or can download it from my Dell downloads.

Please visit following link for more information regarding the same:

In case you have any further doubts or queries, Please feel free to contact me directly by sending a reply to this blog.

We would recommend you do not post your private information on a public forum.

Thanks & Regards

Shuchi S


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