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DC adapter problem

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asked by about CyberView X Multiple-Slides Scanner
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The adapter model I received with my scanner is not the model stated in the user manual. AC adapter received is wws03612u. The designated AC adapter stated in the user manual is model A2-36SG12R-V. I am reluctant to use the adapter that came with the scanner, because the user manual says: "using any other adapter may severely damage the scanner and void the product warranty". My question is: can I use adapter that I received?

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According to information found on the Internet, the two mentioned DC adapters outputs the same power voltage. This is important because you can use the adapter that came with the device, even if it's not the one mentioned by the User Manual, without damaging your device. However, this is not normal and I strongly suggest that you contact the reseller and find out more about this problem.

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