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Usage of e-Sword tooltip tool v3.5.

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I am trying to create my own modules for e-Sword 9.x and above. I started with a custom reading plan, but after I save it I don't see anything in e-Sword itself. I am using Tooltip NT's user's guide, but the interfaces are different and one little step, converting the bible to e-Sword references, is different from what NT's user guide says. Does anyone know of a user's guide for the current version?

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On the official website, there is a download section that contains various downloads related to fonts, actual program, and other tools. My advice is to visit the website and download the archive. Unpack it and you should see a PDF file called ToolTip Tool Setup Files.pdf. Open the file and you will see a tutorial on how to create and manage your own modules.

Note: A PDF compatible reader is required in order to open the PDF files.

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