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Can I play music on my remote PC connected to my host PC without it being played on the host?

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Can I play music on my remote PC connected to my host PC without the music being played on the host? We tried several settings and can't seem to get it to work right. I'm going on a trip and want to access my music remotely while others in my house are watching a movie or doing whatever but when I play music my media player pop ups open on my host PC and starts blasting loud. Can you help?

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Yes, you can do that if your computers are in a network. The first thing you have to do on the remote computer is to share the folder with the music. Right click the folder, and go to Properties > Sharing. Enable the sharing, then the computer will give you a path you can use on the second computer. Go to Start > Run and paste that path. The folder will open, then you can drag the music into your local audio player application.

Use the following guide provided by Microsoft:

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