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How do I use Video Download Converter and extract Youtube video code for Facebook?

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I have just downloaded Video Download Converter but I can't follow the video training instructions as they are too fast and can't enlarge screen or stop them to look.

  1. What I really want to do is to extract the code from the Youtube video**** to embed it into Facebook. I have been following instructions from a Facebook expert and he says not to use the embed code that is under the Youtube Video on the Youtube page, nor the direct Facebook link. (not sure why - maybe it is to do with size etc.)but to download it and then extract code.

  2. What does this code look like?

  3. Is "Video Download Converter" what I should be using or is there another software that I need?

Thank you.
Yvonne Bain.

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Video Download Converter is just a toolbar which allows you to download YouTube videos. Install the toolbar, browse to the video you want to download and click Download. Optionally, you can convert the video to another format.

  1. Facebook supports direct link paste, meaning that if you paste a link on a Status Update box, the script will automatically load the Youtube video.
  2. The only code available is the embedded code.
  3. If you want to download videos, then this toolbar is Ok.

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