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Can I view fields names of a protected PDF?

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I want to view field names of a locked (protected PDF) document. Is it possible?

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You can download and install ABCpdf ASP and copy the script below into a text file extension and save it as a .vbs extension. Copy your PDF file into the script folder and named it 'abc.pdf'. Run the script by a double-click.
After that you will find another PDF document named 'output.pdf' in the same folder. This document will have all the field names overlayed on top of the fields.

Set theDoc = CreateObject("ABCpdf8.Doc")
theDoc.Read "abc.pdf"
theDoc.AddFont "Helvetica-Bold"

Dim theIDs, theList
theIDs = theDoc.GetInfo(theDoc.Root, "Field IDs")
theList = Split(theIDs, ",")

For Each id In theList

theDoc.Page = theDoc.GetInfo(id, "Page")
theDoc.Rect.String = theDoc.GetInfo(id, "Rect")
theDoc.Color.String = "240 240 255"
theDoc.Rect.Height = 16
theDoc.Color.String = "220 0 0"
theDoc.AddText(theDoc.GetInfo(id, "Name"))


theDoc.Save "output.pdf"
MsgBox "Finished"

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