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How to fix error -100 on my Galaxy Tab 3?

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Hello! I recently bought a Galaxy Tab 3 model: SM-T210R and have problems installing apps. It shows installation error -100 or Unknown error code during the application installation "-110".

I called Samsung about this and at the other end was someone who did not know how to speak straight and understand English. They just asked me to send in my Tab after a few resets but before I send it I would like to know if there is a fix for this.

Any information available is much appreciated.

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As the contact person suggested, try to reset your Tab to factory defaults. Enter Recovery and perform a Factory Reset operation using the Volume UP + Power button. Keep the buttons pressed until you see the Android logo. Select Wipe Data / Factory Defaults using volume buttons and OK as a power button.

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I'm having the same problem, and data wipe / factory default / dump cache does not correct it. The tablet worked great until that last OS update they dumped out to everyone. After it installed, my SD card was not only blank, but the tablet reports it as blank/invalid format, and reformatting it doesn't correct it. Also, nothing will install from Google Play... not even the updates for the stock apps on the factory image... all installation fails with "unknown error -110". The tablet still basically functions (I'm using it to send this message), but nothing installs or updates, and the SD card doesn't work. So far, no help at all from Samstink... all they want to do is have it sent in, or sell you a new one.

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A factory reset does not help with this problem. I have the same problem and I have done both a recovery reset and a normal reset to no avail. As soon as you have reconfigured your device and try to install anything the -110 error shows up again.

I does not matter which network you use or how many times you wipe the device, caches or whatever.

All in all, the device is simply bricked..

I'm going to return my device to the reseller.

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The issue is the play store needs an updated version and it isn't installing the updated version correctly.

The only way to resolve this issue without service / re-imaging is to re-install the play store via an updated .apk

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