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The Simple Calendar widget.

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How to set it up after downloading on Sony Xperia tipo with Android 4.04?

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To set up the application after you downloaded and installed on your device, you can go to your Home screen on the device, hold-tap on an empty area and select Widgets from the Add to screen menu. Swipe trough the available widgets until you find the desired one and drag it to the screen. However, if you are using APP2SD, you can't use the widgets from this application. For more information, open the application from the Menu and tap on How to use.

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Easy Dual Clock & Widget is an elegant and beautifully designed clock combines all of the functionality that you need into one simple, eazyType beautiful package.
• Analog and digital clock with widget for Home Screen;
• Custom Clock(Selfie Picture Clock Dial);
• Analog Clock(Different high contrast colored themes);
• Stylish Digital Clock shows glow effect;
• Show the current date, month, day of week, seconds;

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