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How can I remove MTNL Widget from my computer?

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How can I remove MTNL Widget from my computer?

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  1. How can i install the MTNL Broadband Widget Product?
    It is very easy to install the application, just click on the download link, installer will be downloaded. when you start to install the application it will gather the requirement for the application, then start the installation.
    Note: If application is failed to gather the requirement, it will not install and give the option to download the prerequisites.
  2. How can i add/edit the MTNL number in the application?
    when you start the application first time in your system it will automatically ask you the number, for editing the number, just go in the Check Usage click on Edit then enter the new MTNL number
  3. What is download and upload data?
    It is current session download and uplaod data.
  4. How can i uninstall the application?
    It is same as all application is uninstalled go in the control panel and just uninstall the application.
    Note: if you upgraded the application and then trying to uninstall it please select the appropriate option at the time of uninstalling. it will give you two option:
  5. Restore the application in a previous state.
  6. Remove the application from the system.
    Select the second option to uninstall the application.
  7. I had installed the application then successfully uninstalled it, now again trying to install it but it is giving an error "unable to install/start the application. see details" what to do?
    this means some files of the application were not removed while uninstalled the application, please follow the same step of point 6. then again try to install the application.
  8. I have uninstalled the application but it is running in my system. what to do?
    This means an application is not uninstalled properly because of selecting the option "Restore the application in a previous state" instead of "Remove the application from the system".
    For Windows Vista or 7, Go to drive (where windows is installed) then user folder select administrative folder then AppData->Local->Apps->2.0, Remove all content from there.
    For Windows XP, Go to Drive (where windows is installed) then Documents and Settings folder select administrative folder then Local Settings-> Apps->2.0 Remove all content from there.
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You need to remove it from startup prgrams list, as it is still appearing there. Also the files are still stored on your local drive, which have not been completely removed from the system. Please check from the following if you have not performed, else pls perform to delete the widget completely.

Hope this helps..
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MTNL Widget can be removed via the Add/Remove programs. The installer is .NET-based and it provides a way of uninstalling from the location mentioned. You don't need additional requirements for this type of job.

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Many of the users are facing this problem, as there are still backlogs left behind. These not only work, but cause system load as well. That is why check the answer I have just given, which I found at a MTNL Site, wherein the FAQ's & the problems were stated with relevant resolutions.
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Neville, I too am mystified by the ctseomur's statement about Surfulater's restrictive return policy. I think your response addresses this very well, and I appreciate your frustration at not being given an opportunity to respond directly to ctseomurs who are dissatisfied for one reason or another but do not provide an email address.However, on the matter of Surfulater's limitations during the trial period, I too tend to feel that such limitations are unfortunate and counterproductive. There have indeed been times when I have decided not to buy a product because I couldn't test it adequately due to limitations imposed during the trial period. That wasn't true for Surfulater, but still, I can easily imagine someone wanting to see things like 1) how easy or hard is it to create a new knowledge base? 2) how easy or hard is it to add material to a knowledge base that I have created? 3) how easy or hard is it to move items from one knowledge base to another, or to create connections between knowledge bases? Frankly, I don't really see any reason not to let the ctseomur try a full-featured version. With some software, the user can take advantage of a full-featured trial to, say, make graphics, do extensive link checking, or any number of other tasks, and if they then don't buy the program, they've benefitted at the expense of the developer. But that's not true with Surfulater. It's not as if the prospective ctseomur can keep/use the knowledge base s/he creates without purchasing Surfulater. Perhaps there are aspects I'm unaware of, but if there are not, then I think you might be wise to make a full-featured Surfulater available for the trial.

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AppData->Local->Apps->2.0, WHERE IS THIS FOLDER DUDE !!! i go to my c drive where i have install my windows but there is nothing like AppData->Local->Apps->2.0, Can some body show me with a screen shot please.

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i was suffering same problem
i found a solution

first step === (ctrl + alt + delete )
it will open the 'TASK MANAGER' click on that

2nd Step === it will open now choose 'PROCESSES' now here select 'MTNL broadband widget'

3rd step -=== Now 'RIGHT CLICK' on it , IT will show one of options 'OPEN FILE LOCATION' select it , will show all file of MTNL broadband widget 'DELETE ALL' in this file , restart computer
enjoy mtnl broadband widget free service ......

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go to run and type

Local Settings

then you well see the apps folder

For Windows XP, Go to Drive (where windows is installed) then Documents and Settings folder select administrative folder then Local Settings-> Apps->2.0 Remove all content from there.


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