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Best format to use when taking x-rays.

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Which is the best format to use when taking x-rays? Until now, I always used the FMS2 (full mouth series two), but I am wondering if I should use a simpler format if I don't take full mouth x-rays. Can you help me in this matter?

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There isn't a best format that you can choose to take x-rays. A format can fit better for some purposes than others. To choose the best format, there are several things that you should consider. If you don't make full mouth x-rays, try using a format that is more space friendly (it doesn't occupy so much space on your hard drive, but still provides for high quality images). There is no point on using one particular format, if you can't open and view the file on your computer. In this matter, I suggest that you perform several tests by yourself. By doing this, you should be able to choose the best format, in every situation.

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