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Changing settings for camera.

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I bought a S828 IR camera device which records videos with a looping cycle (3 min each), but over records oldest videos when the microSD card is full. I need to go to root and change settings as "Motion control ON, In-camera formatting." I tried Regedit command , but not enough. How to access those settings?

Camera's HW ID: VID_05E1&PID_0B01\0123456789AC and STK02N installed.

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There is nowhere indicated what to do to change the settings of the camera. Most camera's settings can be changed from the application that installs with the camera. When you install the driver from the CD, the installer places a sample capture utility. You can use that utility to change various aspects of the camera or install an application that allows you to take stills and you should have the possibility to change its settings from the options menu. You can use the available from the database of Software Informer.

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