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To upgrade or not?

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I currently run version and Software Informer client tells me that I could upgrade to version Any reason why I should or should not? The if it ain't broken don't fix it approach would seem to apply here. Maybe there is something I am missing and I do not know about it?

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Yes, if it's working then there is no reason to upgrade but in some cases, upgrades like this one could give you a better view about the components installed in your computer and since they're updated you could also benefit from the new features that the application offers. It's your choice to upgrade or not, but if it's working fine as it is right now, then you should stick to this way.

If you do plan to upgrade, make sure you have the following compatible boards:

Intel® Desktop Board DP55KG
Intel® Desktop Board DP55SB
Intel® Desktop Board DX58SO

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