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Samsung Galaxy S5300 battery saver.

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Can you please tell me the steps to follow in order to save the battery in a Samsung Galaxy S5300 Android phone?

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There are some tips that you can use to save more of your battery. First, you can turn OFF your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and turn them on only when you need to use one. It is not necessary to keep them ON all the time. You can also try to reduce the Brightness of your screen, turn your vibration off, your the proximity sensor(auto-rotate screen option) and your screen animations. All these are power consumers that you don't specially need so your device could work properly.

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This application provides you with details on how to increase the battery by turning of services or changing settings withing the phone's interface. The app is used when you don't know what to change and where. It provides the user with different methods to save the battery on his phone. Use the instructions presented in the program's interface and you can save the battery of your phone.

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