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Can't get past first Sudoku game in Level #2.

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How do I get past the 1st Sudoku game in level #2 of "Tricky 3D (The Whole World In 3 D)"? The SKIP button does not work and I cannot play these numbers games. I cannot play or understand how Sudoku works. I bought the games for the Match-3 and Mahjong. How do I get to play all levels of this game when I cannot pass the Sudoku levels?

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There is no way to skip Sudoku games in order to play only the other ones. You need to complete the Sudoku games also. If you can't understand how Sudoku works, use Google in order to find the rules or tutorials about the game. If you still can't or don't want to play the Sudoku game, take a look at Sudoku Solver. This is a tool that can help you easily complete the Sudoku levels.

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