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VALOO - Standard addition method.

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I am usining VALOO software in the determination of validation parameters while working for the validation of analytic methods.

Recently, I have tried to use 'Standard addition method' in accuracy testing. But I could not understand the calculations involved in the determination of several tests included in the 'Standard addition method'. I also did not get the book references where I can read about the above.

I would highly appreciate if you kindly let me know the detail calculations involved in the determinations and their references.

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There is a book available for this application. The PDF files can be found on the Downloads section on the official website. Like the software, the book is also in German. You will have to know the German language to use the PDF file. Unfortunately, this is the only language available for downloading for both the software and the book.

However, you can use a translation service, since the text in the PDF file isn't protected by security.

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