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Export picture database with existing links between pictures.

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I have Windows 7 on 2 laptops. I also have Olympus Master 2 on both laptops. I have a collection/database of 6,000+ photos, organized into Albums using this product on one laptop. Can I export my database and import it onto my second laptop whilst maintaining the Album - photo relationship? I want to be able to backup the archive so that I could open it on another laptop. When I've tried to back up, only the photos are backed up, the Album - photo relationship is lost. How can I export the picture database with the existing links between pictures\album?

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The default path where the Olympus Master stores the database with the existing links between photos is C:/ Users/ Your_NAME/ AppData/ Local/ OLYMPUS/ OYMPUS_Data. Be aware that the AppData folder is hidden by default so you probably want to go to Start and in the search bar type hidden, open the Show hidden File and Folder service in order to check the Show hidden files and folders option, first. After you did this, check the XML file from the path mentioned to make sure that all the links are correct. You can export your photos like before, but don't forget to copy the content of the mentioned folder to your second computer. By doing this, all the links\structures made on the first computer will be available to use on the second one.

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