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File locations for this program.

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Across Lite tells me that it stores puzzles in C:\ Program Files(x86) \Across Lite 2.0 \Puzzles. That seems clear enough, but the folder that I get by opening or saving from within Across Lite isn't the folder I get if I follow that path from Windows Explorer. I can't figure out how two Folders with identical paths could be different one from another. Does anyone know how might Across Lite manage this?

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The 2.0 version of the product has been tested. The path you mentioned (C:\ Program Files(x86) \Across Lite 2.0 \Puzzles) is the path where the program is installed. The Sample Puzzles and the saved ones are stored in a location in My Documents (C: \Users \User-name \Documents \Across Crosswords). These two locations aren't identical and they both have different functions. It's not possible in a Windows environment to have two different locations with the same path.

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