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Unable to listen to messages after search.

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asked by (120 points) about Thales CS WordNet Workstation 02
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I've downloaded Wordnet Workstation to my desktop. After I perform a full search and get my results, when I click Play on one of the messages, I am unable to hear the messages on my computer.

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Because there is no troubleshooting guide or any other information available for this software, you will have to diagnose the problem using the hard way. Firstly, make sure the software is configured properly. It's known that in some cases, a bad software installation will lead to error with its modules and functionality. Secondly, install a new set of codecs, because it's possible you're lacking the necessary codecs to play the videos or the play you use doesn't have support for the messages. The
Combined Community Codec Pack should be more than enough for this procedure.

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