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Error Message: "Unable to write the selected content to the CD".

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I am using the Sound Organizer software to burn audio files to a CD. Once I select the contents I wish to add to the disc, it pops up with the error message "Unable to write the selected content to the CD" and gives details "There is not enough free space on the CD." This CD is a blank CD with 702MB and the data I am attempting to burn is 275MB. Why is it not allowing me to burn this data?

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During the creation of an AUDIO CD, files are separated into tracks, which results in larger file size. An AUDIO CD holds about 15-16 tracks depending on their size.

If we calculate 275MB/4MB (average track size) = ~69 tracks. You will need 4+ CDs to burn all the tracks (calculated at 16 tracks/CD).

Try to create a DATA CD instead of AUDIO CD to be able to burn all the 275 MB of data.

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