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Color glitch while playing this game.

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asked by (120 points) about Railworks 3 Train Simulator 2012 Update 5
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I just got my Railworks 3 working, but there is still a weird glitch while playing scenarios or tutorials, everything is abnormally bright and the only colors that show up are yellow, white, blue, and pink. I have no idea what's going on. Could someone please help me?

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This might happen because of your video driver. Try to upgrade it to the latest version in order to fix this problem. If you still have problems, try changing your resolution to a smaller one and also try using 16-bit colors on your system. To change this, right click on the desktop > Screen resolution > Advanced settings > Adapter tab > List all models and choose a 16-bit color option. Also, go to the Monitor tab from the same window and choose 16-bit under Colors. Try restarting the game. If you still encounter any issues, contact the developer because this might be caused by an internal error of the application or your GPU isn't compatible with the game.

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