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VNC Viewer in RP environment.

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We're using a variation of VNC from Siemens, they call it App-Share, or TC Conferencing. We are trying to use it in a reverse proxy environment at a large global company to allow externals to view conferences. It seems that after a certain time, the Java client makes a ping to the RP server and doesn't handle the response so it drops the connection. It will do an auto-reconnect, however, but is this application designed to run in a Reverse-proxy environment? Siemens seems to be stumped.

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No, the application will not work with custom servers. This application has been designed to connect to standard VNC servers, but in case you're using a server which is developed by a 3rd party company, even if you use original elements, the software will refuse to connect because of security issues. On a side note, try using Teamviewer instead. It's great and it can be configured behind firewalls, VPNs, almost anything including proxy servers.

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