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How can I use heart rate alert and pace alert simultaneously?

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How can I have both heart rate alert and pace alert in the advanced workout mode? For example if I want to run for about 25 minutes, I can usually set the training center for either a specific heart rate zone alert or a certain pace alert. How can this be set up so that I have both the pace and heart rate alert? Thus if I cross a heart rate of 150bpm its watch should sound an alert. Similarly and simultaneously if I cross the my set pace limit of 8:00min/mile the watch should sound an alert? Is there any way to set up both heart rate and pace alerts at the same time?

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No, there doesn't seem to be an option/tool that will enable you to set up both heart rate and pace alerts at the same time. I recommend you contact the official developers for further details. You can get in touch with them using 800-800-1020 phone number or the Contact Us page.

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