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All images have 1/2" deleted from top & bottom.

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Is it the WPhoto Studio software that is to blame for deleting an entire inch from the height of every one of my images? I have asked the store if it would be different if I downloaded the card in-store, rather than downloading the camera from home. I was told I would still lose 1/2" at the top and bottom of every image. I love the quality, but I am being forced to look elsewhere for my printing needs. Sorry, Walgreens. So, is the problem with this software? If so, is there a plan in the works to eliminate this problem?

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I believe it's not a problem with the software, but with the print properties in which case, you should access the Print Preferences. Go to File > Print and then click on Preferences. Switch to the Layout tab and adjust the settings as necessary. If you still encounter this issue, then you might have to change the application to something else.

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This is a common occurrence with most programs. The basis is the fact that most cameras use a 24 x 36 mm format.......35mm film or digital. This corresponds to a 2 x 3, 4 x 6, 6 x 9, 8 x 12 dimension prints. However larger prints than 4 x 6 are usually 5 x 7 and 8 x 10. So you can see the need for something to be cropped out. If you are old school and do some pretty tight framing in your camera viewfinder, then something is going to get cut. The best move is to just leave plenty of breathing room around whatever you are photographing and then there will be room to crop. If you edit your photos yourself on the kiosk machines you can control this cut somewhat. If you submit your photos automatically online the machine basically does an automatic cut off each end. The real solution is to print your photos in the right sizes......6 x 9, 8 x 12 etc. but these are not readily available. A move was made about 20 years ago to push for these sizes but it was not overly accepted and never became the norm. Hope this helps. Know this answer is a couple of years old but I just came across this while searching for something else.

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