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Printing with 1 on 1 transparency.

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I need to print 1 to 1 transparency on 11" x 17" size. I am unable to get 1 to 1. Printing at 100 % is not 1 to 1. What can I do?

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Printing on 1 on 1 transparency means that the object (item) that you want to print is 100 % transparent. There is no other explanation for this process. Transparency is the property which allow the light to pass. In your case, 1 on 1 represents full transparency. If the final items isn't printed as you want, this might be caused by the program's limitation or a malfunction with your printer. In the first case, I suggest that you contact the program's developer using its official website to learn more about this issue. Regarding the second case, you should probably check the printer's ink cartridges. A low ink cartridge might cause bad printing.

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