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Information about the product's compatibility with Windows 7.

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About 3 years ago, I've purchased “USB Teach Me Piano”. During this period, I used this program on 2 computers. Laptop and desktop. The last one is always in my house. Both computers were using the same operating system : Windows XP Service Pack 3. These days, I've upgraded my computers to Windows 7, although the laptop has the 32-bit version and the desktop 64-bit one. I want to install the product on my computers, but I can't do this. My questions are :

  • Is there a solution for this situation?
  • Is the program still available to download?
  • Are there any updates that I can install?
  • Is it necessary to purchase a new version?

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No. Unfortunately, the product isn't available to be downloaded from the official website because this was discontinued. Also, there is no information about the developer, so it might be out-of-service. If the program is discontinued, the developer will not provide for updates nor support.

Regarding your last question, you might not need to purchase a new version of the product. You can install and use Windows XP Mode. This update will enhance the compatibility of Windows 7 with older programs. If this isn't working, install the program using compatibility features available in Windows 7. To do this, right click on Setup.exe file, go to Properties > Compatibility > Run this program in compatibility with Windows 98 SE.

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