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S0 recorder stops from itself after a while.

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I use a central computer in remote-access for measuring and sampling of the data of my energy consumption. Everything works fine while I'm logged in. But when I log in by remote access a day or more later, the program shuts down and nothing is counted. The connected serial bus with the s0-Signal is no more recognized and nothing is measured. Why is this happening? The system is an ASUS BB S1-AT5NM10E AtomD525 DDR3 miniPCIe working on Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit. Mc Afee is running, nothing more. How to fix this?

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According to the developer's official website, the product has the ability to work in remote computing. The behavior that you encounter could be caused by the fact that your computer automatically enters Sleep mode. This is the first thing that you need to deactivate. To do so, go under Start > Control Panel > Performance Information and Tools > Adjust Power settings (from the left menu) > Change when the computer sleeps > and set it to never. If you still encounter difficulties with the application, after you followed the above steps, update the program's version to the latest one. This can be done by accessing the mentioned site.

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