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When opened, the application's interface is white.

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I'm using ERDAS software for estimation of ET using SEBAL algorithm. I use the model maker to calculate the surface temperature after I calculate the corrected thermal radiance and thermal emission in the relatively narrow band 6 of Landsat (10.4 to 12.5 μm) image and the result I got was meaningless and when I open it a new ERDAS viewer it is completely white window and it has no any attribute and I have tried it so many times and no change at all. Is there anyone who knows about this problem?Can you help me how to correct it and use it properly for other parameters computation?

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This seems to be a problem with the way the software works. Something has caused an error with its files that now it has issues displaying the controls. I would like to recommend re-installing the software. This way you will replace all the files that are bad. Once you complete the operation, reboot the PC and then try again to work with the software.

Alternatively, download the latest version of ERDAS IMAGINE from the following URL:

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