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Creating AVI file from TIFFs.

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I recorded some videos and I thought that I told HGROCR to create .avi files when the data was downloaded to disk. I have all the images that compose the videos, but the .avi files were never created. Is there a way that I can create the video file from the TIFFs? If yes, is it possible to create the video in order to run it in real-time? I'm trying to compare some force data to events in the video, but I need to make sure that the time in the video is correct. Also, I believe that the video was taken at 60 frames/sec. Can you help me?

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In order to create an AVI video from your TIFF files, I suggest you use JPGAvi. It is a utility developed by NDW Ltd that allows you to convert JPG, BMP or TIFF files, with an optional sound track, to AVI. Also, it can generate separately an AVI file from every single photo. The videos are real-time and you can check or change the fps feature using the enter image description here icon. Once you open the Configuration Properties window, click Video Presets and check the User box where you can set your own parameters:

enter image description here

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