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Transfering books on a Nook Color using Calibre.

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I have almost 300 hundred books in my Calibre library. I tried to put them all on my Nook Color, but about 70 of them won't go on. And if I do try to put one of them on the nook, it gets deleted. There is plenty of storage space still on the Nook and I updated the Calibre software. How do I get the remaining books on my Nook without the other books coming off of it?

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To transfer the files, start Calibre and then go to Library. You can do this by pressing the Library icon. Once you are in the library, select the items you want to send and then click Send to Device while the Nook is attached. It's recommended to send the books in batches rather than using sending all command. This should work.

Additionally, check for duplicates, because this could be a possible reason why the files are deleted.

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