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Modelling a property of an earthquake in UDEC.

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I am researching the effect of fault on a tunnel stability in depth of 60m. This tunnel is under seismic load with a PGA equal to 0.5g. I have corrected this record by SHAKE in depth of 60 m to apply this load at the base of model. I know that this converted load will amplify through passing the model but I don't know how to model this effect? It is obvious that the maximum acceleration of earthquake in depth is not so considerable, but it is amplified gradually. How can I model this property of earthquake in UDEC?

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Unfortunately, the tutorials that you can find on Internet don't explain this effect you want to model. My recommendation is to contact Itasca Consulting Group, the developers of UDEC and ask for help. You can get in touch with them using the Contact Us page.

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