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How to use it to compress my files?

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Do I need to have a password before using it? I don't know how to compress my files. Can you help?

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After you have installed it, you will find 7-zip in the context menu of Windows Explorer. If not, just reboot and it will be there. To zip a set of files, just select them or the folder and right-click on the selection. In the contextmenu that appears, select "7-zip" arrow to the right > "Add to Archive.." in order to get the full options window to select archive type, compression level and location.

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No, 7-Zip is an open-source program and you don't need any password in order to use it. Once you download and install its latest version, launch it, double-click Computer, Documents, or Network to navigate to the files you want to compress, select them and press the Add (enter image description here) icon:

enter image description here

Using the provided window, type a name for the file, select the archive format, compression level, compression method, the size, and the destination directory and press OK:

enter image description here

Also, you will have the possibility to configure the file with a password using the options from the Encryption section. For further details, you can open the user guide of the software by pressing the F1 key or you can contact the developers using the Support page.

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