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Questing in Fragoria.

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The NPCs are not alerting (ex. !. ?) on the map. I am missing a lot of quests (unless I happen to walk by in the game and see the alert). Why is this happening?

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If your NPCs aren't shown on the map, this can be caused by the fact that you don't have the quests from them. The quest system in Fragoria is based on quest-chains. This means that usually, when you finish a quest, you will receive another one from the same NPC. If you don't complete a quest, you will not be able to advance through the chain thus won't be able to get more quests. Also, it seems that an early version of the game had a problem similar to yours that was fixed in a following release. Keeping the game up-to-date might solve your problem. You may want to check the official website for additional information.

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