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Burning videos to a DVD-R or DVD+R.

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After opening a film (I am a football coach and these are movies of our games filmed with SONY Premium digital video cassette DVM 60) with Windows Movie Maker to capture the video and store it in my external F:\ drive. I open Express Burn and choose add files, browse my F:\ drive and pick what I want to burn, click burn video and it does the rest. I use EZ-DUB LITEON to burn the DVD and it all goes well until the verification process and whether I use a DVD+R or a DVD-R. In this matter, I get the same error message "ERROR READING FROM DISC". I try to load the DVD, but it will not. I have tried burning older files, but the same behavior is encountered. How can this be fixed?

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If you have problems while burning video disks, you can set up the program to use internal codecs first. This is the advised options that you need to use in this situation. To activate the option, open the program > File > Options > check 'Use internal codec first' option. This option should fix your problem. If you still have problems, contact the developer on the official website.

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