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I would like to ask you about Order Status abbreviations.

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I'm using Chart Track Mariners 2.3.40 and I would like to ask you about Order Status (WMAR, OCP, BO, CANC and so on). What do these abbreviations mean?

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  • WMAR - Waiting for order from Mariners;
  • OGEN - Order generated;
  • WVAL - Waiting for order validation;
  • OCP - Order received/confirmed by partner;
  • SHIP - Shipped;
  • BO - Back-Order by partner;
  • CANC - Order Cancelled.

You can check all Order Status abbreviations at page 30 from user guide. Go to Start > All Programs > Chart Track Mariners and open the guide. If you have issues, you can use email address to get in touch with the Support Team.

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