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Converting AVI produced by Adobe Premiere.

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A friend of mine transferred a video from DVCAM camcorder Sony DVCAM-250 to a PC using Adobe Premiere and then he tried to convert resulting AVI file to AVCHD using multiAVCHD application, but he got the following error message:

[10:57:44] Processing one title...
[10:57:44] Existing G:multiAVCHDAVCHD cannot be used as destination folder!
[10:57:44] Output will be written to: G:\multiAVCHDAVCHD-20110627-105744
[10:57:45] Processing (G:\MADINA 50MADINA 13.avi)...
[10:57:45] Pre-processing AVI file...
[10:57:45] Demuxing AVI video...
[10:57:46] AVI video demuxed successfully...
[10:57:47] Detected audio: ID#2:A_PCM (48000Hz 16bit 2ch 1536kbps) Language: und
[10:57:47] Encoding AVI audio...
[10:57:48] Added audio: A_AC3, "", lang=und, timeshift=0ms
[10:57:48] Video codec -1 is not allowed in AVCHD/BDMV...
[10:57:48] Video height (-1) not compliant (480/576/720/1080)! Final output may be distorted.
[10:57:48] Not enough data for meta creation!
[10:57:48] Skipped!

[10:57:48] No compatible input from (G:MADINA 50MADINA 13.avi).
[10:57:48] Skipping to next input media...

[10:57:48] No compatible folders/files processed...

What could be wrong here?

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As you can see the codec used does not allow you to perform the conversion. In this case, try to uninstall all the codecs in your computer, then choose something like CCCP Codecs or K-Lite codecs. An alternative way to bypass the error is to reconfigure the output settings.

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