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Information about the options from the Outpu menu

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I haven't used laser engraving machines before. I just want to know what the four following options exactly do: carvings, outline, normal, and partition in the "Output" menu. I have some problems with stamps. After a lot of testings I haven't found yet the right numbers for each. Can you help?

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The Engrave option will allow you to insert the design in the background. If you're using Outline, the design will be embossed/raised. If you're using Carvings, the machine will scrap away portions of the material creating a shape. The Normal option is used to engrave the design normally while Versa is used to engrave it as a mirror image. The Partition option is used to engrave only a part of the design. I recommend that you contact the developers of MoshiDraw for further details. You can get in touch with them using the contact information from the official web page.

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