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How to work with selected IDs in CSPro?

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I have a problem to work with selected IDs in CSPro.

Eg : Assume if we have IDs in questionnaire as follows:

A1 – District
A2 - DS
A3 - Electorate
A4 - GN
A5 - Sector
A6 - Ward
A7 - Census Block

In IMPS, we can drop some id fields in the program by using following command:

Questionnaire A1,A2,A4,A7

How to do this selection in CSPro?

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There is a PDF guide which covers all the aspects of the CSPro application. On page 11 of the manual, it's explained the drop function and the commands you can enter to drop information from applications.

Download the PDF file from the following location:

I don't think the software supports command line operations since it has a GUI to work with.

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