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How could I use old version Of Bibliorom on my Windows 7 64 bit?

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I use Bibliorom for years, but connot install it with Windowa 7 proffessionnal 64 bit. 1096 Réf. No 82420 FR Licence: 1 BGX7109 086-00026. What do I need to be able to use it on my new computer?

André Gaumond

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If you want to use Bibliorom 2.0 in a 64bits system, you will have to do it without installing it. I was not able to install it but I can run it from the CD just fine.

You have to go into the CD to view the files inside. Go to the Bshelf folder and search for a file called Biblio2.exe. Execute that file and it should open Bibliorom 2.0

You can create a shortcut in the Desktop if you want. You can do this also by Copying the 5 Folders of the CD into a new folder in your harddrive. Example:
C:\Bibliorom 2
Paste just the folders, the 3 files of autorun and install are not needed.

Then go to Bshelf and use Biblio2.exe to open the software.

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For Bibliorom 1.0 :
Copy the entire CD to c:\Bibliorom
Go to c:\Bibliorom\AAMSSTP and click on BIBLIOROM.EXE or create a shortcut of BIBLIOROM.EXE and move it to where you want (e.g.Desktop).
It works (for me over Win7 Professional 64bits)

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