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What is a servo?

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what is a servo? Is there any meaning of servo other than servo motor?

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Apart from servo motor, the word servo is also found in the name of the application called RegServo. A tool that states it can clean registry files. You can check for more information on its official website. You can give it a try using the download on the official website. However, make sure you have the antivirus launched and ready for scanning.

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Servomechanism, or servo, a device used to provide control of a desired operation through the use of feedback
Servo drive, a special electronic amplifier used to power electric servomechanisms
Servo (radio control), a small, cheap, mass-produced actuator used for radio control and small robotics
Servo control, the use of pulse width modulation to remotely control servos
Servo bandwidth, the maximum trackable sinusoidal frequency of an amplitude
Electrohydraulic servo valve, an electrically operated valve that controls how hydraulic fluid is ported to an actuator
Servo tab, a small hinged device installed on an aircraft control surface to assist the movement of the control surface

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