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Strange terms of ANSYS Software License Agreement.

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We're attempting to purchase a product from ANSYS. Their license agreement includes a clause that basically says that if your company changes ownership, you have to renegotiate/repurchase the license from them. You don't own the license, just a 'right to use'. We've gotten some clarification from them, but not a lot, and its the first time I've run into this.

Has anyone actually had to deal with the triggering of this clause and what did it mean? Has anyone seen this kind of heavy-handed licensing in other products?

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Unfortunately, this is their legal agreement and it you don't accept it, the purchase can't be completed. The same thing applies to renewal. Unfortunately, this has been created to suit their rules and it can't be changed, even you make them an offer. You can either accept it and buy the software or look for something else. I don't think this applies to all the available products on the market, but as long as a company has one of these, there is impossible to get around it.

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