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Internet Explorer 8 for Yahoo, MSN, etc.

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I'm currently running Internet Explorer 8.06.001 on my Windows XP. A newer version is available for my PC and that is the 8.07.600, and checking that is nothing more than Internet Explorer 8 for Yahoo. What is the advantage changing to this NEW(er) version when the one I have works just fine, and I already have the Yahoo, MSN toolbars and such already in place, and use or not use them at my leisure? I just don't see the advantage over the bother of changing every over, downloading etc. I'm happy with what I have!

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There is nothing changed in terms of visual enhancement as the application still looks the same as the first version of Internet Explorer. The updates are required to fix security issues and vulnerability problems. If your applications, add-ons, and toolbars are working just fine, then these should also work if you upgrade to a new version of the software.

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