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ZOOM Edit&Share information.

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I have tried to download patches from various websites. They all are .g2nup files, but they are not compatible. The patches do not appear in the Edit&Share software. Is there any way of converting them to compatible g2nua files? Does anyone know any good sites, where guitarists share these precious patches?

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No, there isn't any way to convert the .g2nup files. If you can't open them, I recommend you update your ZOOM Edit&Share software to the latest version. After that, click the enter image description here icon and select New Folder. After you created a new directory, click again the same icon and select New Patch Group:

enter image description here

Next, you need to select the first option from the file format drop down list and to press Create:

enter image description here

After that, you can simply drag and drop your downloaded files.

On my computer, I used Google search engine to find patches for ZOOM Edit&Share program. I downloaded the ones from the second link and they work without issues. However, these patches are .g3xp and you will need to choose the last format from the New Patch Group window.

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