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I'm not getting any results at 110kV voltage level

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Using the NEPLAN 5.2.2 software I have made a part of the power system (in which I'm examining transient stability) set the 3 phase short circuits on the lines which go on for a period of 0,1 seconds and off for a period of 0,2 seconds. I observe the stability of the generators (Corner of busy, active and reactive power, rotors angle etc.). In the network I have exposed three generators with voltage regulators and turbine, through which the transformers are connected to the TS 400/110kV. I have completely modeled TS I h 400/110kV with its own auto and two bus-bars. The network voltage level of 400kV and 110kV from the rest of the power system is represented by the respective FEEDER for 110 and 400kV. When I make a short connection of lines connected to 400kV voltage level, NEPLAN gives me the results. I have a change of the regime parameters (above), whereas when I make the same connection on the transmissions of which are connected to the 110kV voltage level, NEPLAN do not deliver. Why I'm not getting any results at 110kV voltage level? What should I do?

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Unfortunately, there is no information regarding your query and I suggest you contact the developers of NEPLAN and ask for help. You can get in touch with them using the Support page or the email address.

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