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Snipping Tool and ABBYY FineReader information.

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How do I get to use Snipping Tool on this?

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If you're asking about "SnippingTool.exe" that's included with VISTA and up, you'll find it in "%SystemRoot%System32"; you should make a shortcut of it and place it into your Quick Launch Toolbar Bar for quick access anytime. If you run across something onscreen that you'd like to save as a graphic format file (the SnippingTool can save your capture as *.PNG, *.GIF, *.JIF, or *.MHT), activate SnippingTool by clicking on the shortcut button you just added to your Quick Launch Toolbar Bar, choose the shape of the snip, set your clip boundary and once you release the on your mouse your capture will be in the snip tool, ready for further processing. Simple and quick! Good luck!

PS - As with most any utility, there are hundreds to choose from (most free) and most users will find one that they feel is exactly what they've been looking for, even though what they may have been looking for has been on their system all along! :P

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Firstly, you need to know that Snipping Tool comes bundled only with Windows Vista and above and it is used to capture screenshots. If you're running one of these platforms, go to Start, type Snipping Tool and open the application. Then, press the New button, choose a snip type, select the area of the screen you want to capture and press Save Snip. Select a destination directory, type a file name and press Save. After that, import the file in ABBYY FineReader and use the official user guide to convert the photos in editable text documents.

Note: If you're using Windows XP or below, you can try Lightshot as an alternative to Snipping Tool.

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